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FC Porto v Chelsea Football Club Travel Advice

Advice for fans travelling to Portugal for Chelsea’s match with FC Porto on 29 September

FC Porto v Chelsea
FC Porto v Chelsea Football Travel Advice

Date: Tuesday 29 September
Venue: Estádio do Dragão, Porto
Kick off time: 7:45pm (local time)

As well as this advice, check out our travel advice for PORTUGAL.

Passports and visas

  • you don’t need a visa to travel to Portugal, but your passport should be valid for the proposed period of your stay
  • remember to bring your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) but also take out travel insurance, even if you’re only going for one night - it could save you a lot of money if you get into difficulties
  • you must show some form of identification if asked by the police or judicial authorities. In most cases, it should be sufficient to carry a photocopy of the data page of your passport, but you may be asked to produce the original document
  • if you lose your passport, the Consulate in Lisbon can issue an emergency travel document, subject to background checks and confirmation of ID. This is only valid for travel back to the United Kingdom and currently costs €135 (approx £95). Travel to Lisbon to obtain an emergency travel document takes at least 3 hours so remember to factor this in to your travel arrangements

Getting to the stadium

  • the nearest airport to the stadium is Porto
  • if you’re arriving at another airport, there are trains and buses to Porto. The main railway station in Porto is Campanhã and the bus station is at Praça de Batalha. Domestic flights to Porto from Lisbon and Faro are operated by TAP Air Portugal and Ryanair
  • you can reach the city centre from the airport by underground (Metro). To get into the city, take the purple line to Trindade, then the yellow line to Aliados or São Bento. Or stay on the purple line to Bolhão or Campo 24 de Agosto
  • the stadium has a Metro station (Estádio do Dragão). Four lines (green, red, purple and blue) terminate at the stadium. Tickets are bought from ticket vending machines before entry to the metro. Tickets are swiped to gain access. Remember to keep your ticket until the end of your journey. See Porto Metro’s website for more information
  • for information generally on Porto’s public transport system, see Porto’s tourism website
  • taxis are beige-coloured or black and green. They’re available at the airport and at taxi ranks around the city. You can flag down taxis in Portugal
  • if you’re hiring a car, you should carry your passport, valid UK driving licence and rental contract. The police can fine you on-the-spot if you don’t have these documents
  • there are tolls on Portuguese motorways. Heavy fines are imposed on those who don’t pay toll fees so remember to carry enough0 cash with you. Don’t use the green lanes (Via Verde) at toll pay points. These are for motorists who subscribe to the automatic pay system. Some roads in the north of Portugal and in the Algarve have unmanned tolls (SCUTs). Check what arrangements the car hire company has to enable you to use these
  • no drinking and driving and no drugs. It’s illegal. The traffic accident rate is very high. Traffic police carry out random spot checks and will test for both alcohol and drug consumption. The speed limit on Portuguese motorways is 120km/h. Don´t get caught speeding on one of the radar cameras in operation

At the match

  • Chelsea fans will be seated in the upper tier at the north end of the East Stand of the stadium (Areas 47, 49 and 50). Entry will be by Gates 19 and 20
  • access to the stadium can be slow - there will be ticket checks and searches carried out by stewards and/or police on entry to the stadium. To avoid last minute queues get to the stadium early - doors will open at 6:15pm
  • no alcohol, sharp objects (including umbrellas), air horns or loudspeakers, fireworks or flares, bottles or cans, drums or video cameras in the stadium
  • the authorities have the right to breathalyse on entry to the stadium and test against limits laid down in Portuguese law. Anyone testing over the limit can be refused entry
  • children under the age of 3 will not be admitted to the stadium
  • visiting supporters will be kept behind for around 25 minutes after the match to allow the home fans to disperse


  • as in any other city beware of pickpockets and bag snatchers at airports, railway stations, around the town centre and when using public transport. Only carry what you need and leave spare cash and valuables in hotel safety deposits or split it up and carry it in different places
  • if you intend to use the Metro, remember to buy a ticket on entry and keep it until the end of your journey
  • no urinating in public. It’s illegal. If you need to use the toilet, walk in to one of the many cafés or fast-food restaurants. This is acceptable practice given that public toilets are few and far between
  • Portuguese beer is stronger (and cheaper) than the beer at home so make allowance for this
  • there’s no time difference between the UK and Portugal

Contact the British Embassy in Lisbon

British Embassy Lisbon
Rua de Sao Bernardo 33
1249-082 Lisbon

Telephone +351 21 392 4000 (also for out of hours emergencies)
Office hours: Monday to Friday: 9.00am to 5.00pm

For more information please visit British Embassy Lisbon website

Emergency services numbers


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Published 18 September 2015