Press release

Environment Agency helping to reduce CO2 emissions in Darlington

New wind turbine installed at Teesdale House

New turbine being built

The new turbine provides energy for Teesdale House in Darlington

As part of its aim to reduce carbon emissions, the Environment Agency has installed a new wind turbine at its office in Teesdale House Darlington.

The office already had one wind turbine and uses a heat recycling system, but this second wind turbine will further improve the environmental efficiency of the building.

The project is part of a scheme to establish the benefits of using efficient heat recycling systems that work with renewable energy sources such as wind and solar to reduce the carbon footprint of buildings.

The Environment Agency has been working with partners to develop an intelligent control system that works alongside the wind turbine. This uses its power to control the building’s existing heating and cooling infrastructure.

Keith Solts, Environment Agency technical manager, said: “We are not aware of any other research project like this in Europe. This intelligent control system monitors the internal and external conditions around the building and the renewable energy being produced, and calculates how best to utilise the energy to power the air source heat pumps to maximise the performance.”

It is estimated that the wind turbine will generate 7,500kWh of electricity a year. Annually the installed system will offset 28,500kWh of gas, resulting in an annual carbon reduction of 5,270 kg CO2.

Published 23 April 2014