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Enjoy the San Fermin festival

Read our advice to make the most of this year´s San Fermin festival.

Enjoy San Fermin

Every year, Pamplona holds the San Fermin festival. This includes the famous bull run through the streets. Most British tourists don’t have any problems. However, it’s worth reading our advice, and checking the official rules if you plan to run with the bulls.

Before you go

  • get travel insurance. Carry the contact number and policy number with you and leave a copy of your policy with someone at home.
  • take 2 photocopies of your passport. Leave one at home and take the other with you.
  • tell family or friends where you’ll be staying
  • fill in the last page of your passport with your emergency contacts
  • follow @BritsvisitSpain on Twitter

At San Fermin

  • keep your valuables locked in a safe place (such as a hotel safe) and carry as few valuables as possible
  • carry a photocopy of your passport around with you
  • keep some spare cash separate from the rest
  • keep your cash and mobile in a zipped pocket
  • if you plan to run with the bulls, read the official rules here and additional informationabout the festival
  • bear in mind:
  • runners must be aged 18 and above to participate.
  • you are not allowed to run with bottles, glasses, cameras, video equipment, bags or backpacks.
  • you must wear suitable footwear
  • do not run if you feel unwell.
  • your travel insurance may not cover you for running with the bulls.

If you need help

  • the Emergency Services number in Spain is 112.
  • if your passport has gone missing, we can issue you with an Emergency Travel Document (ETD). You will have to get a police report and visit the consulate in Madrid. There is also a fee for this of £100. Part of the application process can be completed online here. The consulate in Barcelona can also help.
  • for more information please visit our website
  • the contact number for the British Consulate is + (34) 91 714 6300.
Published 17 June 2016