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DVLA personalised registration auctions - how we do it

DVLA provides an insight on how personalised registrations auctions are run.

Personalised registrations auction

This is a big year for DVLA as we mark the 25th anniversary of the launch of the ‘Sale of Marks Scheme’ when we first started selling registrations. Since the launch 4.2 million registrations have been sold raising over £2 billion for the Treasury.

DVLA has millions of number plates available for you to view and purchase from just £250 all-inclusive, both online or from our auctions. With over 40 million registrations to choose from, the introduction of each new series opens up a whole new range of potential registration combinations.

Purchase online

Browse our website and search through millions of combinations to ensure you find perfect your plate then buy directly online, it’s quick and easy.

At an auction

DVLA hosts 5 auctions a year of exclusive registrations at locations throughout the United Kingdom. They include distinctive dateless, current and older registrations. Bidding in person is the most popular way to bid, but if you can’t make it we also offer the option of free telephone and internet bidding, or you can submit an absentee bid.

Find out which registrations will be available at our next auction and register as a bidder.

See how we do it

DVLA personalised registration auction

Online only auctions

Hosted on our website auctions usually includes registrations from customer requests with reserve prices starting from £130. For information on dates and venues of forthcoming auctions or to view the number plates for sale in our interactive catalogue visit the dedicated auction section of our website.

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Published 10 September 2014