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Draft decision on permit for new Solid Recovered Fuel Facility in Rugby

The Environment Agency is publishing its draft decision to provide SITA UK Ltd with an environmental permit.


The company has proposed a Solid Recovered Fuel Facility at Malpass Farm in Rugby.

The plant is intended to process mainly industrial and commercial wastes, and some household waste, to produce a recycled fuel that can be used as an alternative to fossil fuels in the manufacture of cement.

SITA UK Ltd is proposing to build the plant on a site on the other side of the railway to the CEMEX cement works. Planning permission has been obtained from the council.

We have completed our initial technical determination of the application and considered comments raised as part of the public participation. There is now an opportunity for the public to tell us if they feel we have not considered any relevant local issues or any applicable national legislation and guidance. Comments must be received by 9 July 2014.

A draft environmental permit and decision document outlining how the Environment Agency has reached its draft decision are now available for public consideration. Only after carefully taking into account any additional and relevant matters raised, will a final decision be made on whether to issue a permit.

Our environmental permit decision is separate from the planning process and focuses on the technology used, how the site is to be operated, the emissions from the operation and any direct impact the site has on health and the environment. We are not able to consider the suitability of the location (other than the impacts of emissions on local receptors), visual impact, the need for the facility, where the waste comes from and any infrastructure impacts such as transport, power lines and utilities, as these are part of planning process.

Copies of the draft permit and decision document can be viewed free of charge at:

Environment Agency
Sentinel House
9 Wellington Crescent
Fradley Park
WS13 8RR

The draft permit and decision document can also be found on the Environment Agency website at:

Environmental permit draft decision

If you would like to talk to a member of staff regarding the draft permit and decision, or wish to make an appointment to view the documents please call our National Customer Contact Centre on 08708 506 506.

Any comments should be made in writing by 9 July 2014 to:

Permitting Support Centre (EP Team)
Environment Agency
Quadrant 2
99 Parkway Avenue
Parkway Business Park
Sheffield S9 4WF

or by emailing:

Quoting reference EPR/EP3033EJ/A001 in any correspondence.

Please note that any comments we receive must normally be placed on the public register. If you do not want your representation to appear on the public register, you should make a request to this effect.

David Hudson, Environment Manager said:

We have considered this permit application very carefully and drafted a permit with relevant conditions. These conditions require SITA UK to operate in a way that will protect both the environment and human health. The consultation process gives everybody a chance to see what the permit may look like and how we have reached this decision. We will take into account any new and relevant information received before making a final decision.

Published 10 June 2014