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Dialogues for Vision for issues that matter in Macedonia

Embassy supports programme on improved synergy among stakeholders in democracy, inter-ethnic relations and socioeconomic reform.

Dialogues for Vision for issues that matter in Macedonia.
Dialogues for Vision for issues that matter in Macedonia.

Effects of the policy to subsidize investors in Macedonia was the central theme of the public debate organised today by the European Policy Institute as part of the Dialogues for Vision programme. In the first of the series of debates, participants used arguments based on research for checks and balances of state policies and their implementation in the way how decisions are being made, how businesses use subsidies and benefits for the Macedonian citizens.

Our ambassador Charles Garrett welcomed the debate underlining civil society’s role to the development of the overall national conversation. He said:

Ideas and policies evolve. They evolve through debate, through being challenged and tested, and being shown to be strong or weak or somehow in need of improvement. And if you encourage debate across society and at all levels, you make it more likely that those ideas and policies will evolve in a way that works for all. Civil society plays a particular role in all this. Civil society organisations can help institutions do their work better, complement services. They can empower decision-makers with evidence and they can validate government policy. They are often the link that connects citizens and policy makers.

Dialogues for Vision is a two-year programme run by the European Policy Institute in Macedonia with the support of the British Embassy Skopje. Its main objective is to enhance dialogue on key issues facing Macedonian society, energize existing mechanisms of consultation and improve the relationship between decision-makers, key stakeholders and citizens in the creation of policies.

British Embassy Skopje runs a range of programme assistance in Macedonia providing support in range of reform areas with judiciary, human rights, democracy, media and civil society. To find out more about our programme assistance click here.

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Published 1 February 2016