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DFID commitment to Information Management Assessment

Statement confirming the Department for International Development's commitment to The National Archives Information Management Assessment.


Department for International Development Permanent Secretary, Mark Lowcock, said:

The Department for International Development last undertook an Information Management Assessment (IMA) in 2008. This was part of the regular programme of assessments that The National Archives conducts to review information, records and knowledge management standards within government departments.

To demonstrate the strength of the Department for International Development’s commitment, I have asked The National Archives to carry out an IMA reassessment in November 2016.

The Department for International Development recognises the importance of meeting its corporate obligations to effectively manage, protect and exploit the information it creates and holds.

The report that The National Archives produces will help me to support all aspects of knowledge and information management across the Department. It will help ensure that our information, knowledge and records are appropriately captured, managed and preserved, and information risks and sensitivities are appropriately handled.

Published 8 July 2016