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Detecting threats in parcel depots: apply for business contracts

Businesses can apply for funding to develop a device that detects threatening metallic items in high-speed depots.

parcel depot

The Home Office has up to £150,000 to fund innovative new ways of detecting potentially threatening metallic objects in parcel depots using high-speed conveyor belts.

The department is seeking ideas that involve modifications to existing metal detectors used in depots or new systems for detecting threatening objects.

Successful projects in this SBRI (Small Business Research Initiative) competition will have access to a representative detection environment and representative threats so they can try out their proposals.

Systems will be expected to detect threatening items from a range of materials in parcels travelling on an 800mm wide conveyor belt at speeds of up to 1 metre a second.

The Home Office is involved in projects to develop a range of new detection equipment for many different environments. This competition is focused on non-explosive materials in a parcels environment.

Competition information

  • the competition opens on 19 September 2016, and the registration deadline is at noon on 5 October 2016
  • projects must be led by a UK-based business or university
  • contracts are expected to range in size from £30,000 to £50,000 and must be completed by 31 March 2017
  • a briefing event will take place in London on 5 October 2016
Published 13 September 2016