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Department Business Plans updated

The government has published updated business plans for each government department with full details of changes made to the plans since they were first published in November 2010

This was published under the 2010 to 2015 Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government

The 2011 business plans reflect an updated assessment of when the government will implement its commitments set out in the Programme for Government.

They also now include actions on growth and social mobility, and some minor presentation changes, including incorporating milestones into the main section of the business plans.

Department Business plans set out in detail the work of the Government, and include data such as financial information, Structural Reform Plans and department priorities.

The Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and the head of the civil service, Cabinet Secretary Gus O’Donnell, first launched the departmental business plans in November 2010 setting set out in detail the work of Government for the next four years. The plans marked the start of a major change in the way government works by increasing accountability directly to the public.

Departments will continue to provide progress updates on their structural reform plans, which are part of the business plans. This will ensure that anyone can check that departments are meeting their commitments.

The 2011 business plans and annex for common areas of spend can be downloaded below:

Cabinet Office Business Plan (PDF, 476KB) and annex (PDF, 238KB)
Department for Business, Innovation and Skills Business Plan (PDF, 508KB) and annex (PDF, 243KB)
Department for Communities and Local Government Business Plan (PDF, 434KB) and annex (PDF, 105KB) [to follow]
Department for Culture, Media and Sport Business Plan (PDF, 312KB) and annex (PDF, 227KB)
Department for Education Business Plan (PDF, 273KB)
Department of Energy and Climate Change Business Plan (PDF, 724KB) and annex (PDF, 223KB)
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Business Plan (PDF, 367KB) and annex (PDF, 222KB)
Department for International Development Business Plan (PDF, 178KB) and annex (PDF, 218KB)
Department for Transport Business Plan(PDF, 404KB) and annex (PDF, 241KB)
Department for Work and Pensions Business Plan (PDF, 374KB) and annex (PDF, 274KB)
Foreign and Commonwealth Office Business Plan (PDF, 353KB) and annex (PDF, 81KB)
HM Revenue & Customs Business Plan (PDF, 320KB) and annex (PDF, 273KB)
HM Treasury Business Plan (PDF, 355KB) and annex (PDF, 232KB)
Home Office Business Plan (PDF, 416KB) and annex (PDF, 253KB)
Ministry of Defence Business Plan (PDF, 294KB) and annex (PDF, 237KB)
Ministry of Justice Business Plan and annex (PDF, 247KB)

The Business Plan for the Department for Health will be published after the NHS listening exercise.

A Written Ministerial Statement on the updated business plans was laid in Parliament today alongside a document outlining amendments to the Structural Reform Plans.

Published 13 May 2011