Press release

Denver Sluice back in full working order

The Environment Agency has completed £60,000 of repairs to the Denver Sluice which was damaged during the East Coast tidal surge in December 2013.


Two of the three pairs of sluice gates, known as the ‘little eyes’, were rendered inoperable by the surge tide. Temporary dam boards were installed in the aftermath of the event to prevent further damage and ensure the continued flood protection of communities in Ely, Cambridge and surrounding areas.

Julie Foley, Area Manager at the Environment Agency said:

The gates are an integral part of the flood defences which protect people and property from flooding in the area. The tidal surge which caused the damage was the most significant tidal surge in 60 years - it severely tested the flood defences along the whole of the East Coast. It’s good to get the sluice back in full working order.

Damaged gates were lifted out and taken away to be repaired in June. The Environment Agency used divers to carry out a full inspection of the sluice and complete other minor maintenance repairs. The sluice gates were dropped back into place earlier this week and now the gates are back in full working order.

The works were completed by AMCO on behalf of the Environment Agency.

Published 19 September 2014