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Deadline extended for charity flood cash

Charities given extra time to apply for funds raised for flood-hit communities to be matched by the government.

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  • match funding for charities raising money for flood hit areas to be extended to 5 February 2016
  • government pledges £3 million in charity match funding
  • £200 million is being invested in recovery from Storm Eva and Storm Desmond

Charities are being given extra time to apply for the funds they raise for flood-hit communities to be matched by the government, Greg Clark announced today (11 January 2016).

Mr Clark said that in recognition of the efforts charities have made to help communities back on their feet, he was extending the deadline to 5 February for them to apply for this dedicated support.

The government has pledged £2 million match funding for charities fundraising to support those affected by the flood, with a further £1 million already paid to the Cumbria Community Foundation in its joint appeal with the Community Foundation for Lancashire.

In total, £200 million is being invested in recovery from Storm Eva and Storm Desmond.

Communities Secretary Greg Clark said:

Charities and community organisations have worked tirelessly to support those affected by the recent floods – I want them to know they have our backing.

That’s why I’m extending the deadline for them to apply for the funds they have raised to be matched pound for pound up to £2 million, giving them the extra time they need to get the information to us.

This is a key part of the £200 million package of support we’re offering flood-affected areas, to help households and businesses get back on their feet.

Further information

Applications for areas affected by Storm Desmond and Storm Eva can be made by any registered charities that are currently running a fundraising appeal for flood relief to benefit affected areas.

Match funding is available for Storm Desmond and Storm Eva. The deadline for applications is 5 February 2016.

The £200 million flood recovery package is now set to be extended with grants to reimburse fire and rescue authorities that have incurred excessive costs protecting flooded communities.

The Bellwin scheme compensates authorities for the exceptional costs incurred in incidents such as flooding. Authorities are eligible for costs under Bellwin when they have spent more than 0.2% of their calculated annual revenue budgets on works.

Eligible authorities include:

  • councils
  • police authorities
  • fire and rescue authorities
  • National Park authorities

The government will apply the Barnett formula to the funding announced so that devolved administrations will receive £7.5 million. It is up to them how this money is spent.

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Published 11 January 2016