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David Davis heads to Brussels tomorrow with a clear message: we are leaving the European Union

David Davis heads into tomorrow’s talks to leave the European Union on a mission to deliver on the will of the British people.

David Davis

The Brexit Secretary David Davis heads into tomorrow’s first official talks to leave the European Union on a mission to deliver on the will of the British people.

Despite European leaders’ attempts to leave open the possibility of the UK remaining in the EU, Mr Davis will make it clear that he is determined to achieve a Brexit deal that works for the whole of the UK.

Mr Davis will lead a team of experienced negotiators to Brussels confident that he can get a positive outcome and secure a new deep and special partnership with the EU.

He will also set out a bold vision for the UK’s future after it leaves the EU and the exciting opportunities that will arise from our exit.

After ten months of planning, Mr Davis will meet with the EU’s Chief Negotiator, Michel Barnier to agree the structure of the negotiations ahead so officials have a framework within which to discuss substantive issues.

David Davis, Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union said: “As I head to Brussels to open official talks to leave the EU, there should be no doubt — we are leaving the European Union, and delivering on that historic referendum result.

Now, the hard work begins. We must secure a deal that works for all parts of the United Kingdom, and enables us to become a truly global Britain.

Leaving gives us the opportunity to forge a bright new future for the UK — one where we are free to control our borders, pass our own laws and do what independent sovereign countries do.

We will soon introduce bills for new immigration and customs arrangements, and the Great Repeal Bill will transpose all EU law into UK law, providing certainty for businesses.

There has been a huge amount of work across Whitehall to prepare us for these talks, and make sure we get the best possible deal with the European Union.

We are not turning our backs on Europe. It’s vital that the deal we strike allows both the UK and the EU to thrive, as part of the new deep and special partnership we want with our closest allies and friends.

These talks will be difficult at points, but we will be approaching them in a constructive way.

The start of the negotiations comes as work continues across the UK Government to prepare Britain for life outside of the EU.

This includes preparations for new bills on customs and immigration. It will also see the Government introduce a Great Repeal Bill which will convert existing EU law into UK statute and enable the smoothest possible transition at the point of leaving.

The Great Repeal Bill is expected to be introduced as part of the Queen’s Speech next Wednesday.

Published 18 June 2017