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Crimestoppers campaign funded by the IPO and industry partners

IPO and industry partners have joined together to raise awareness of the risks involved in using illicit streaming devices.


The campaign launches on 1 December 2017 with the aim of raising awareness of the risks involved in using illicit streaming devices such as adapted Kodi boxes and Amazon Fire Sticks.

Why is the campaign needed?

  • digital piracy is often run by criminal gangs and individuals to make money that is then fed into other serious organised crime
  • in our IP enforcement 2020 strategy we explained the importance of tackling IP infringement and reducing the level of illegal content online. This campaign will help us to achieve that
  • it is a big issue across the UK. Our Intelligence Hub estimates that a million of these boxes with software added to them to illegally download content have been sold in the UK in the last couple of years
  • on a series of product safety tests on streaming devices in the UK, 100% failed to meet national and EU electrical safety regulations and therefore could pose fire and electrical risks to consumers

The campaign is a digital campaign that has videos covering four key risks to consumers:

Video 1

Children are able to access age inappropriate content due to the lack of parental controls.

Video 2

Issues around personal security and potential identity theft.

Video 3

Links from the money made from selling these devices to serious organised crime.

Video 4

Selling these devices with add-on is illegal as well as streaming the content.

Where can I go to get more information?

Crimestoppers have created a landing page on their website and we have also produced guidance on illicit streaming devices.

Published 1 December 2017