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Crime/civil news: CWA bulkload spreadsheet updated

Use version 1.20 of the bulkload spreadsheet when submitting claims via Contract Work and Administration (CWA).


You need to use version 1.20 of the bulkload spreadsheet to submit claims in Contract Work and Administration (CWA). This is now available for you to download on GOV.UK.

The updated version 1.20 allows the reporting of the pre-charge bail claims which were introduced in April 2017. It replaces version 1.19 which should no longer be used for submissions.

You can find out more by downloading guidance on GOV.UK – see below.

Further Information

CWA updates to reporting changes – to download guides to ‘Pre charge bail code changes guide’ and ‘CWA civil submissions guide’

Submit a CWA claim online – guidance on how CWA works online

Published 3 May 2017