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Crime news: welcome pack and training slides on new 2017 contract

Help for providers carrying out work under the 2017 Standard Crime Contract from 1 April 2017.


Resources are available on GOV.UK to help bring providers up to speed when delivering work under the new 2017 Standard Crime Contract.

These include a welcome pack, training slides and short modules – see link below.

Welcome pack

  • overview of 2017 Standard Crime Contract with key contract terms and obligations
  • key LAA contacts
  • information for new providers
  • online submissions for LGFS and AGFS claims through Claim for Crown Defence system

Training modules

There are two short modules to accompany the ‘welcome pack’. These deal with digital and prison law requirements under the contract:

  1. ‘2017 Standard Crime Contract – digital requirements’.
  2. ‘2017 Standard Crime Contract – prison law’.

Further information

The welcome pack and the 2 further short modules, together with the Standard Terms and Specification, can be accessed via the following link:

2017 Standard Crime Contract – to download welcome pack and view modules.

Published 24 March 2017