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Crime news: use new form for faster delivery of expert reports

New prior authority form now available to help meet criminal justice system efficiency recommendations made by Sir Brian Leveson.


A new prior authority form is available to speed up the production of expert reports for court cases.

The new CRM4a has been designed in consultation with HM Courts & Tribunals Service (HMCTS) following recommendations made by Sir Brian Leveson early in 2015.

It is hoped that the extra details in the form will make the process of delivering reports work more smoothly. The form is meant to be used as an annex when applying for prior authority. It is not mandatory and will not always be needed.

The intention is to develop better communication between the court and the LAA.

It should be especially helpful when there is a potential issue with the application or the request is unusual or novel.

How do I submit CRM4a?

The new form can be attached to the CRM4 online application once it has been completed at court and scanned in as an attachment.

LAA caseworkers will consider this extra information with the CRM4 and will be in a better position to liaise with both the provider and court if funding has not been granted.

Further information

Legal aid: eForms – download guidance and the CRM4a form

Published 26 May 2016