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Crime news: tender update on 2017 crime contract

Assessment of tenders under way for crime contracts starting 1 April 2017.


We have received tenders to carry out publicly-funded criminal legal services from more than 1,400 individual organisations across around 2,100 offices in England and Wales.

The Legal Aid Agency (LAA) currently has contracts with 1,356 organisations.

We are now in the process of assessing these tenders in line with the timetable published in the Information for Applicants (IFA) document. Contracts will start on 1 April 2017.

Next steps

Applicants whose tender is unsuccessful will be notified in the coming weeks. Organisations successfully tendering for a crime contract will be notified in November and required to submit any outstanding verification information.

More detail about the tender timeline, next steps and the process for verifying successful tenders are set out in the IFA document.

All communication from us about your tender will be sent as a message through the eTendering system. You should ensure you continue to monitor the relevant message board.

Further information

Legal aid crime tender 2017 – to download IFA and FAQ

Published 13 October 2016