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Crime news: telephone calls to Birmingham Crime Applications Team

Change of options when you contact Birmingham Crime Applications Team on 0121 232 5500.


New telephone options are available from 3 December 2015 for callers to the Birmingham Crime Applications Team (CAT).

This is because a digital system is being used instead of the staffed switchboard previously in operation.

What has changed?

You should continue to use the existing number of 0121 232 5500. But when calling you will now be:

  • advised that all calls will be recorded for training and monitoring purposes
  • asked to have your MAAT or USN number ready if you know it
  • given a choice of two options i.e. applications and representation orders or other aspects of a legal aid application
  • offered the opportunity to provide service feedback at the end of the call

There are no other changes to the service when calling Birmingham CAT on 0121 232 5500.

Further information

Birmingham CAT: 0121 232 5500

Published 3 December 2015