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Crime news: signature requirements for AGFS claims

Clarification of rules for signing advocate fee form AF1 and redetermination form AF2.


Arrangements for signing Advocates’ Graduated Fee Scheme (AGFS) documents AF1 and AF2 are different depending on whether the claim is for work by:

  • employed higher courts advocates, or
  • self-employed advocates

We’re clarifying these arrangements as we have received some enquiries about who is able to sign AF1 and AF2 forms.

Employed higher courts advocate

Any employee authorised by the firm where the instructed advocate works is able to sign the claim forms.

Self-employed advocate

Claim forms submitted by a self-employed instructed advocate can only be signed by that individual.

All change when online billing starts

When the Legal Aid Agency’s AGFS online billing system is rolled out during 2016 the above arrangement will change. All advocates using the system will be able to formally nominate individuals to submit claims on their behalf.

Further information

Claim for criminal legal work under graduated fee schemes

Published 7 December 2015