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Crime news: ‘in-court presentation’ rollout finishes in magistrates’ courts

National rollout means in-court presentation technology installed in 745 courtrooms by 30 June 2015.


The installation of magistrates’ in-court presentation technology is set to be completed in 745 courtrooms across England and Wales by 30 June 2015.

‘ClickShare’ wins praise

The ‘ClickShare’ technology being used for presenting in court removes the need for hard copy evidence and has won praise.

Defence solicitor Louise McGhee from Cartwright King Solicitors said:

It is extremely helpful that we can now fully conduct hearings from the information held on our devices, without the need for paper copies.

The additional screen that is available means I can easily review my case notes while sharing evidential material with the wider courtroom.

The material solicitors like Louise McGhee can share is in a high quality digital format.

This is held on presenters’ own devices through a wireless link to in-court TV screens and removes the need to produce hard copies of evidence.

CJS efficiency programme

Completion of the rollout is important to the government’s aim to have criminal courts working digitally by July 2016.

This is being delivered by the Criminal Justice System (CJS) efficiency programme.

Where is it available?

Our online map shows the courtrooms that now have this technology and there is one-page guidance for defence practitioners on how to use it – see below.

Further information – for enquiries about magistrates’ in-court presentation digital technology.

CJS efficiency programme: defence practitioners – to download ‘How to use ClickShare’ guidance on how to use in-court presentation technology.

Magistrates’ In-Court Presentation Rollout Plan

Published 24 June 2015