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Crime news: letters notifying 2017 Crime Contract applicants

We aim to finish sending notification letters about outcome of applications by 18 November 2016.


Applicant organisations will start learning the outcome of their bids for work under the 2017 Crime Contract on Wednesday 16 November 2016.

We will be using the eTendering system to send the letters and expect to have finished sending no later than Friday 18 November.

Monitor message boards

If you have bid for a contract then you should monitor the relevant message board for your notification.

Anyone bidding who has not received notification by the end of Friday 18 November should contact the Legal Aid Agency through the eTendering system.

What will the letter cover?

Your letter will set out the outcome of each bid by duty scheme and the other categories of law for which you have applied.

For applicants who did not want to do duty work, the letter will confirm for each office location whether they have been awarded the following classes of work:

  • criminal investigations and proceedings
  • prison law
  • appeals and reviews

Verification process

All awards are subject to the satisfactory completion of the verification process.

The letter will provide a summary of the verification information received to date and whether it is sufficient evidence of compliance. Any outstanding information will also be shown.

Anyone wishing to join the April 2017 rota will have until 23.59 on 12 December 2016 to provide compliant information.

Further information

Legal aid crime tender 2017 – to download IFA and FAQ

Published 16 November 2016