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Crime news: help shape digital data security on Common Platform

Survey gives you chance to inform Common Platform’s approach to sharing and accessing data securely across criminal justice system.


A survey is now open giving you the opportunity to help design secure ways of accessing and sharing information.

This design work is key to the ‘Common Platform Programme’, which is being delivered by HM Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS) and CPS to help practitioners access information digitally.

For this to be valuable and representative the programme would like as many practitioners as possible to take part in the survey – see link below.

You can help make the survey a success by encouraging your colleagues and peers to respond.

Secure and accessible

Your responses will be considered by the programme when working out how to strike the right balance between data security and accessibility.

This will help the programme to design a system that works for the user – practitioners like you.

You can out find out more by opening the HMCTS blog articles – links below.

Further information

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Published 13 September 2016