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Crime news: have your say on shaping Crown Court DCS by 31 August

Future development of the Crown Court Digital Case System (DCS) and the online Plea and Trial Preparation Hearing (PTPH) form.


Feedback is being invited on the future development of the Crown Court DCS and possible improvements to the online PTPH form.

Why is this feedback needed?

Defence practitioners are among a number of user groups being placed at the heart of review work by the Judicial Office into both the wider DCS and the digital PTPH form.

The Judicial Office is keen to understand any obstacles to the successful operation of DCS, and capture suggestions for improving the online form.

The PTPH form is a key document for case progression introduced by the Better Case Management (BCM) initiative, and incorporated into the DCS in March 2016.

Who is behind the review?

The Senior Presiding Judge has asked HHJ Edmunds QC, HHJ Collier QC, and HHJ Menary QC to oversee the work.

How can I offer feedback?

Contributions should be submitted by 31 August 2016 by individuals or groups using the mailboxes below.

DCS feedback:

PTPH form or BCM feedback:

Further information

Courts and Tribunals Judiciary: review of PTPH form

Published 17 August 2016