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Crime news: Crown Court DCS webinars on multi-defendant cases

Book now to help develop a new approach to cases with more than one defendant when working in the Crown Court Digital Case System (DCS).


Webinar sessions are available on 14 and 21 February 2017 about the latest developments for Crown Court DCS on cases with more than one defendant.

The live sessions are designed to bring defence practitioners and advocates up to speed on the new approach, which is called the ‘Multi-Hander Solution’.

Spaces are limited to 30 attendees for the sessions which are designed to be interactive. The idea is to collect as much feedback as possible from DCS users to help ensure the ‘Multi-Hander Solution’ addresses their needs.

Use the Eventbrite link below to book a session which will be led by the DCS development team.

Further information

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Published 7 February 2017