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Crime news: CPS publishes Secure eMail contact addresses

Secure eMail contact addresses now listed for defence practitioners to use on Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) website.


Secure eMail contact addresses for all local areas are now available on the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) website.

This is being done in support of the move to digital working across the criminal justice system (CJS).

Each CPS area has a micro-site on the CPS website listing ‘contact information for the defence’ where the individual mailbox addresses are listed.

How do I find the new contacts?

  • visit CPS website
  • on home page use ‘Your Local CPS’ drop-down box
  • select a local area microsite
  • to view addresses go to ‘contact information for the defence’ or ‘contacts for criminal justice agencies’

Why is using Secure eMail important?

Using Secure eMail:

  • speeds up the communication process with the CPS
  • ensures sensitive personal information remains secure
  • offers a more productive and efficient way of working with the CPS

How to register for Secure eMail

You can register to use CJSM Secure eMail using the link below.

Further information

CPS website

CPS area map

CJSM Secure eMail – use ‘signing up’ tab

Defence practitioners: guidelines on digital working – especially ‘CJSM: How to connect’ PDF near foot of page

Email: - for enquiries about the CJS efficiency programme

Published 4 March 2015