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Crime news: checking the police station representatives register

Register sits with Standard Crime Contract 2017 documents and you can review your details using the Defence Solicitor Call Centre Online.


We have moved the police station representatives register to sit with the Standard Crime Contract 2017 documents and this will continue to be updated monthly.

This register contains the names of probationary and accredited representatives being used for police station advice.

If you think the list is not 100% accurate you will need to make changes through the Defence Solicitor Call Centre (DSCC) Online.

You can do this by updating the details yourself or by email using the online contact option in the right hand menu on the front page of the portal.

It is the responsibility of all solicitors and representatives using DSCC to make sure all the information being held on the online systems is correct.

Secure online access

Direct and secure online access is available to all providers with registered advisers – see below. You can view and make real time amendments to the records held by DSCC for all advisers attached to your firm. This includes:

  • rota slots
  • acceptance rates
  • DSCC records accepted by your firm in past year

It is also possible to perform duty swaps.

Further Information

Standard Crime Contract 2017 – to view police station representatives register

Defence Solicitor Call Centre Online – secure access to DSCC records for providers with registered advisers

Published 14 June 2017