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Crime news: 2015 Duty Provider Crime Contracts update

Invitation to tender remains on hold pending appeal against court decision.


The tender process for the 2015 Duty Provider Crime Contract (Duty Provider Contract) remains on hold following the Court of Appeal’s decision to extend the temporary injunction until 11 March 2015.

This is pending the outcome of an appeal by the claimants against the High Court ruling which found in favour of the Lord Chancellor. The appeal will be heard on 10 and 11 March 2015.

The Legal Aid Agency (LAA) intends to continue with the tender as soon as possible and will issue further guidance to potential bidders in due course.

The following information remains available for organisations to view online:

  • Invitation to Tender for 2015 Duty Provider Crime Contract
  • 2015 Duty Provider Crime Contract documentation
  • Indicative (example only) duty rotas for new contracts
  • FAQ

Further information

Legal aid crime tender 2015 page – containing example duty rotas, information for applicants and related documents including the FAQ

2015 Duty Provider Crime Contract documents – page containing the contract and associated documents

Published 27 February 2015