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Crime news: 2015 duty provider contracts, additional tenders

Tender processes opened on 18 August 2015 for additional contracts in the Devon and Cornwall 1 and Hampshire 2 procurement areas.


Tender applications are now being invited in 2 procurement areas where the initial tender process for 2015 Duty Provider Crime Contracts received insufficient bids.

The areas concerned are:

  • Devon and Cornwall 1 (Devon)
  • Hampshire 2 (Isle of Wight)

The Legal Aid Agency (LAA) has launched these tender applications to secure coverage in the above areas in time for the service start date on 11 January 2016.

This is the start date for additional contracts awarded, in line with the main duty provider contract tender process.

Eligible organisations

Any eligible organisation may respond to these tender opportunities, including the organisations that bid for a duty provider contract during the initial tender process.

Organisations must have been notified of our intention to award them a 2015 Own Client Crime Contract and have an office in a qualifying procurement area.

Devon and Cornwall 1 (Devon)

We have subdivided this procurement area into four access points, centred in:

  1. Exeter
  2. Plymouth
  3. Teignbridge/Torbay
  4. Barnstaple

We are inviting tenders for up to four duty provider contracts in each access point.

Organisations wishing to tender for a contract in these access points should do so using the LAA’s eTendering portal – see ‘further information’ below.

You can see more information, including requirements, criteria and how to submit a tender in the information for applicants (IFA) document – see below.

The deadline for the submission of tenders is 12pm on 9 September 2015.

Amendment notice

Further to the publication of the Devon and Cornwall 1 tender process, we issued an amendment notice on 20 August 2015 to the original tender documents – see ‘further information’ below.

Hampshire 2 (Isle of Wight)

We are inviting expressions of interest from organisations that would be interested in delivering contract work under a duty provider contract in the Hampshire 2 procurement area.

The available contract comprises 25% of the total work available in the procurement area.

Organisations must express an interest using the expression of interest form – see ‘further information’ below.

Completed expressions of interest forms must be submitted by email as detailed in the expression of interest form.

The deadline for expression of interest is 12pm on 2 September 2015.

Further information

Legal Aid Crime Tender 2015 page – to download:

  • LAA statement of 28 July 2015 outlining the action we will take in procurement areas where we received insufficient viable bids
  • ‘Information for Applicants’ document and link to eTendering portal for the Devon and Cornwall 1 tender process
  • amendment notice, revised ‘information for applicants’ document and financial assessment forms
  • ‘Expression of Interest’ for Hampshire 2

LAA eTendering portal

Published 19 August 2015