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Contract opportunities for Non Salaried decision makers at the Planning Inspectorate

The Planning Inspectorate seeks to engage the services of around 100 Non Salaried Inspectors


The Inspectorate has published tender documents as part of its drive to secure around 100 Non Salaried Inspectors (NSIs) from across England and Wales to meet demand for its services. Currently, over 50 NSIs are contracted with the Inspectorate providing additional capacity to decide approximately 10% of the planning appeals it receives annually. These contracts are coming to an end and a tender process is underway to continue this valuable service and increase the capacity available.

Working as a Non Salaried Inspector

Non-salaried Inspectors would handle on average 4-8 cases per month. They work remotely on a fee-per-case basis as opposed to salaried inspectors who are permanently employed at the Inspectorate. NSIs are typically assigned to less complex cases that follow the written representation procedure. The contracts and work of an NSI has been determined as out of scope of the IR35 tax intermediaries. Successful tenders will demonstrate the individual’s relevant qualifications and skills. NSIs are typically professionals with 5 years post graduate experience in planning or other associated professions such as Architecture or Law.

Interested? Find out more at the Supplier Event

The Planning Inspectorate will be hosting supplier event in Bristol on 30 August 2018. At the event you will be able to find out more about what working as a NSI entails and take part in a Q&A.

For more information on the event and how to tender to become a NSI please visit:

Published 17 August 2018