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Consulate calls on young Brits to look after their passports

“If you don’t look after your passport and belongings abroad you might as well give them away.”

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In a new video campaign launched today, the British Consulate General in Amsterdam is reaching out to an audience of young music lovers going to clubs and festivals in Amsterdam and other major cities across Europe.

Epic Passport FAIL

Last year the Consulate issued 1,175 Emergency Travel Documents to British tourists who had lost their passports. Around 50% of all applications come from under 30s. The Consulate is therefore encouraging young Brits to follow their top tips for looking after passports while on holiday.

5 top tips for looking after your passport while on holiday

  • Only carry your passport if you really need it
  • Keep it in an inside pocket, preferably buttoned up
  • Do you have any other form of ID on you? If so, leave your passport in a safe place
  • Stay aware of your surroundings at all times
  • Take extra care in busy and crowded areas

It is estimated that over 2 million British nationals travel to the Netherlands each year. While the majority of visits are enjoyable and trouble free, losing your passports means the hassle and expense of applying for an Emergency Travel Document, which cost £100 a time.

To get the message across, the new video - produced by dance music and clubbing media brand, Mixmag - is being shared with partners in the Netherlands including the IAmsterdam tourist board and Police, and complements the work already being done by the Dutch authorities on crime prevention and keeping tourists safe.

British Consul, John Cameron-Webb said:

“We see some people experiencing real difficulties that could have been avoided, so the aim of our video is to encourage British visitors to take care of their belongings while in the Netherlands. We want British travellers to follow our top tips, watch the video and help them have a great holiday.”

Published 14 July 2016