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CNC officers thanked for their support to BTP

Ten Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC) officers have been formally thanked after completing an attachment to the BTP.

T/Ch Supt Mick Vance (left) with PC Barry Owen

Ten Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC) officers have been formally thanked after completing a three-month attachment to the British Transport Police (BTP) frontline, providing additional visibility and patrols at key railway stations.

The officers all usually work in the Strategic Escort Group, a specialist team that provides on-board armed protection for high security nuclear cargo during transportation overseas. They volunteered to leave their homes and normal places of work to travel to London to work with the BTP.

The secondment came about as a result of the Chief Constables of both forces working with the National Police Chiefs’ Council to come to an agreement to supply the CNC constables whilst BTP develop their own armed capability.

After receiving full training from BTP in their patrol strategies and procedures, the officers began their secondment in April and spent three months working alongside the British Transport Police Firearms Unit in railway stations in the capital.

At the end of their secondment, each officer received a letter from Ch Supt Alun Thomas at BTP, commending them and thanking them for their professionalism and resilience.

PC Barry Owen, one of the 10 officers who completed the attachment, said: “Although being away from home for nearly 12 weeks was a stretch, it was worth it to work alongside our colleagues at BTP and support them on their day to day business.

“This secondment gave us a real opportunity to broaden our skillset and work as an Authorised Firearms Officer (AFO) in a different role; keeping the railways safe rather than our nuclear power stations was a pleasant change.

CNC Chief Constable Mike Griffiths said: “This secondment was an excellent opportunity to support our colleagues in another force.

“Last year we sent 28 officers to support the NATO policing operation in Wales and this and the BTP attachment are both good examples of the CNC working with other forces to protect the national infrastructure.”

Published 28 July 2015