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Civil/crime news: unused LAA Portal accounts to close

Portal account closure information and guidance.


We will start closing unused LAA Portal accounts in March 2018.

This will affect all LAA Portal accounts that have not been accessed for more than six months.

What notice will account-holders receive?

We will write to the email addresses associated with dormant accounts ahead of their removal.

What if we want to keep our account?

If you have not used your account for six months or more but wish to retain access you should log in by 23 February 2018. Alternatively, email:

Re-opening or setting up new accounts

If you wish to restore access to a closed account or set up a new individual one you should contact your system user administrator.

Account sharing no longer possible

If you currently share one account between several users this will no longer be possible in future.

Each LAA Portal user should only have one account for security reasons.

Retaining access to unused accounts

If you have unused individual accounts which you wish to keep then follow the guidance above i.e. make sure someone logs in or email

Further information

Portal Upgrade login page – use this link to access the Portal – advice on logging into the new Portal and frequently asked questions

Upgraded Portal Password Resets – short video on what to do if you have forgotten your Portal password (video will load automatically) – if you have any questions about the removal of accounts

Published 14 February 2018