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Civil/crime news: online equality and diversity survey

We’ve been emailing all our contracted providers asking them to take part in a confidential survey.


We would like to encourage providers to take part in the short equality and diversity survey which was sent out by email on Monday 19 January.

Replies will be kept in the strictest confidence and will help with the accuracy of our data.

The survey is an important part of our commitment to equal opportunities and we need a good response so that we have accurate information about our providers.

Answers will be kept in the strictest confidence and recorded electronically in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998). The information will only be used for equal opportunities monitoring.

Anyone who cannot access email, or would like to receive the survey in another format, should contact their contract manager in the first instance.

If that isn’t possible then use the email address below.

Further information – if you have problems accessing the survey

Published 20 January 2015