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Civil news: upgraded ‘civil claim fix service’ launched

Our ‘civil claim fix service’ has recently been expanded to cover secondary requests made for online claims.


We have recently improved our ‘civil claim fix service’.

In addition to dealing with ‘reject’ challenges the team will now also consider ‘document request’ challenges where you believe we have asked for information:

  • you have already provided

  • which is not required to evidence the claim

Challenges to these secondary requests should be submitted using the civil claim fix email address.

CCMS advanced billing guides available

The ‘Advanced Guide for avoiding secondary requests’ is available with the Advanced Billing Guides in the Provider Quick Guides section of the CCMS Training website.

Recent statistics show that up to 26% of the CCMS bills we receive need to be returned using a document request for further information.

We have identified five common issues that prevent us paying a bill first time and these are detailed in the guide.

Further information

Advanced Billing Guides – scroll down to the bottom of the page – to contact our ‘civil claim fix’ team

Published 7 March 2018