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Civil news: simpler process for Care Case Fee Scheme cases

New approach to processing high cost case plan submissions for single counsel family cases with costs above £25,000.


You can now register case plans without the need for supporting documentation for single counsel family cases where costs exceed £25,000.

Impact on providers

When submitting your Case Fee Scheme (CCFS) forms you will now need to submit either an ‘interim’ or ‘final’ FAST checklist:

  1. Interim FAST checklist – this should be submitted when you first register and should accompany the new CCFS case plan. There is no need to submit supporting documentation.
  2. Final FAST checklist – this must be submitted within 3 months of a case concluding and will require supporting documentation.

The change also means that you can benefit from submitting ‘payments on account’ rather than following the interim billing process.

Why is this happening?

Introducing FAST checklists will help you to make accurate submissions and reduce the need for us to chase you for further information.

This should result in fewer delays to case plan approvals. It means we will be able to agree and upload online the majority of high cost contracts based on your interim submissions.

Further information

Family high cost cases – to download ‘FAST’ checklists scroll to ‘Final Assessment Streamlining Tool’ (‘FAST’)

Published 7 December 2016