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Civil news: revised checklists for escape fee claim 1 forms

Revised checklists issued for use with EC-CLAIM 1 on civil escape case billing in civil, mental health and immigration and asylum cases.


Checklists for controlled work civil escape cases have been revised to add clarity to some of the requirements and to standardise the format.

These checklists are relied on by our processing teams and were introduced to try and reduce the number of rejected claims.

But the checklists are also useful for providers because they detail:

  • our requirements
  • documentation we need
  • guidance on form completion and payment rules

What are the changes?

There are no major changes to the requirements. But we have revised checklists for controlled work civil escape cases to add clarity and standardise the format.

Here is a summary:

  • change in format for civil and mental health checklists to make them consistent with checklists for immigration and civil certificated billing
  • change in order of some of requirements on immigration checklist
  • we have added a requirement to confirm that if an amendment needs to be made to CWA this should be completed before submitting your claim (this existing check was not previously featured in our checklists)

How to use the checklists

We recommend that the checklists are used as a pre-submission check.

If your claim is rejected, you can use the checklist again to help ensure that there will be no further rejects.

Further information

EC-CLAIM 1: escape fee case claim form

Published 5 February 2015