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Civil news: remember to put email addresses on claims

Email addresses on claim forms will help us chase up queries.


We have a new approach to claims with missing information which you can benefit from if you remember to include your email address on claim forms.

This allows caseworkers to consider whether missing information could be supplied by providers within 24 hours. This was highlighted in a news article on 22 May.

Wherever possible we will:

  • email our reject decision to you, including the checklist which explains what we need from you
  • hold your claim for 24 hours
  • review your claim once you’ve emailed us back within 24 hours

But we can only use this process if you have provided an up-to-date email address that allows you to respond to us within the 24-hour timeframe.

We also advise that you provide a current email address that will help us to contact the best person to provide the information we need.

Make your email address clearly visible

If you write the email address on the claim form this will make it easily identifiable and ensure it is not missed.

Where there is no specific section for the email address then you should add it to the contact name section e.g. on the claim 1/1A form.

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Published 14 August 2014