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Civil news: rates for immigration, mental health and escape cases

New calculator to help you check the rate being claimed is correct.


We have introduced a new ‘escape case rates calculator’ for civil certificated work in:

  • immigration work
  • mental health work
  • escape cases

This follows the success of the ‘civil claims rates calculator’ which was introduced for other areas of certificated work. This has now been updated – see below.

The calculators are designed to help both caseworkers and providers check that the rate being claimed is correct.

How the calculators work

Details relating to specific categories of law and levels of work are entered into the calculators to help calculate the correct fee.

There are also fields for expert rates which may assist with the submission of CW3 applications.

Change to civil claims rates calculator

This is being altered to:

  • add in a calculator for VHCC care cases
  • remove an error on court type on judicial review cases
  • update rates for counsel and attendance behind counsel

Calculators help avoid rejects One of the main reasons for rejection on both certificated work and legal help escape cases is incorrect rates. In November incorrect rates accounted for 29% of legal help escape case rejects and 5% of certificated billing rejects

Further information

Civil claims rates calculator – to download updated civil claims rates calculator and new escape case rates calculator

Escape cases electronic handbook

EC-CLAIM1: escape fee case claim form

CW3: extension of upper cost limit in controlled work cases

Published 22 December 2015