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Civil news: quick guides to help you when using CCMS

CCMS training website contains handy guides you can reference as you use the system.


To support you using the Client and Cost Management System (CCMS) there are now almost 100 quick guides available on the CCMS training website, broken down between those relevant to advocates and providers, and covering:

  • navigation in CCMS
  • making an initial application
  • managing live cases
  • closing cases and submitting bills
  • technical tips for using CCMS

Around 3,500 users each month access the website, and over the last year there have been at least 50,000 page views and around 20,000 downloads of quick guides and interactive training modules.

One provider told us:

(I) used the (quick)guides all the time when we first used CCMS until I was confident… without the guides. I found them to be invaluable (and) easy to follow. Overall I found them clear and precise and still use them as a good reference guide should the need arise.

New guides are added in response to feedback we receive – through phone calls and other contact with us – on areas where you have asked for help in using the system. The following guides have been uploaded in the last 2 months:

  • Navigation in CCMS - remittance advice
  • Making an initial application - linking cases
  • Making an initial application - Special Children’s Act
  • Managing live cases - amendments
  • Managing live cases - high cost case registration/query
  • Managing live cases - means review
  • Managing live cases - legal appeal review
  • Managing live cases - submit a case enquiry
  • Closing cases and submitting bills - resubmitting a rejected bill
  • Closing cases and submitting bills - appeal bill
  • Closing cases and submitting bills - court assessed bills
  • Closing cases and submitting bills - high cost billing
  • Closing cases and submitting bills - submitting outcomes and discharge

Moving forward, we will update the ‘What’s New’ section of the CCMS training website when guides are added or updated so you can see at a glance when changes have been made.

We welcome feedback on any new guides providers would find valuable, so please let us know.

Further information

CCMS training - Quick Guides - to see the quick guides available

Published 10 August 2017