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Civil news: prior authority requests and supporting evidence

You can now upload documents and supporting documents at the same time as submitting your prior authority request to allow particular costs.

Documents and supporting evidence can now be uploaded when you make your prior authority request for costs such as expert witnesses.

This new feature is an improvement on the previous process when working in the Client and Cost Management System (CCMS).

The previous process meant submitting a request and then receiving a notification known as a ‘documents required action’. But by taking advantage of the new feature you can avoid this stage in the process.

What happens if no document is uploaded?

You can still make your prior request in line with the previous process. It just means that you will be sent a ‘document request’.

Which documents should be uploaded?

Below is a list of relevant documents:

  1. court order allowing the assessment – expert or other expense prior authority

  2. expert estimate – expert or other expense prior authority

  3. letter of Instruction – expert or other expense prior authority

  4. other parties’ certificate references – expert or other expense prior authority

  5. psychologist/psychiatric report on the client – intermediary prior authority

  6. counsel advice or narrative on level of representation – counsel prior authority

Which file types can be uploaded?

The following file types can be uploaded to CCMS:

  • Rich text format (RTF)

  • Tagged image file (TIF)

  • Microsoft word document (Docx)

  • Portable document format (PDF)

Further information

Quick guides: managing live cases – to download ‘Prior Authority’ guidance document

Published 31 October 2018