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Civil news: improvements to reject process to speed up payments

Our processes for civil billing rejects and secondary requests are changing to improve accuracy and speed up payments.


We are improving the way we administer ‘rejects’ and ‘document requests’ through the Client and Cost Management System (CCMS).

This will speed up payment times and help with the delivery of a quality service.

Starting on 16 April 2018 we will issue a priority return for claims where there are:

  • repeat requests for information

  • disbursement vouchers missing or incomplete

  • advocates attendance forms missing or incomplete

  • court orders to support additional costs under the Family Advocacy Scheme (FAS) not submitted

Supporting evidence

There are no changes to the supporting information we require when you submit a claim.

Resubmitting claims

Where claims are returned for any of the above listed reasons, they can be resubmitted using the CCMS’ ‘copy bill’ feature when claiming through the Portal.

Alternatively, you can re-upload the claim by using the CCMS ‘claim upload’ feature.

Further information

Advanced Billing Guides – scroll down to the bottom of the page – to challenge an incorrect reject

Legal aid guidance – to download ‘Electronic Handbook’ for guidance on submitting civil claims

Published 22 March 2018