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Civil news: improvements to payment information in CCMS

Changes to CCMS remittance advice process in response to your feedback.


We have made 2 improvements to payments information on the Client and Cost Management System (CCMS), otherwise known as ‘electronic remittance advice’.

Nominating who receives payment information

You can now nominate who receives electronic remittance advice. See our quick guide, called ‘Remittance Advice’ – link below.

One remittance advice for chambers

Chambers can now receive 1 remittance advice containing financial information for all of their CCMS users.

This will save time – you only need to access 1 document.

Why use electronic remittance advice?

Electronic remittance advice is:

  • available earlier than paper statements – since it doesn’t need to be posted, you can access it on a Friday rather than on the following Monday.
  • identical to the paper version – you will still receive the paper version if you decide not to use the electronic version or you haven’t been instructed to provide advocacy through the system.

How does electronic remittance advice work?

Your firm administrator receives a system notification on CCMS telling them the remittance advice is available to view.

They can print out a PDF if they want to keep a hard copy. The ‘Remittance Advice’ guide explains how to view, print and save remittance advice files.

Further information

CCMS website – quick guides – to register for electronic remittance advice

Published 14 December 2015