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Civil news: immigration and asylum, clarification on claiming for hourly rates matters

While most Immigration matters are payable under the Standard Fee Scheme, some continue to be paid at an hourly rate.


These matters are set out in para 8.77(d) of the 2013 Immigration Specification, and are subject to cost limits as described at paragraphs 8.80 to 8.89 of that specification.

CWA, the system onto which such claims are reported, does not contain validation to enforce such cost limits.

Providers should ensure that the costs claimed in their submission do not exceed the limit that applied at the time they were incurred.

For example, if costs totalling £835 have been incurred, but the cost limit was £800, then costs reported should be limited to £800. CWA will not automatically limit costs to the applicable cost limit.

Where the reasonable costs of attendance at an interview with the Home Office are to be claimed, you should enter ‘1’ in the Home Office interview field. The total profit costs incurred, subject to any agreed limit, including these additional reasonable costs, should then be reported in the ‘Profit Costs exc VAT’ field.

The guidance for reporting controlled work matters will shortly be updated to clarify this point.

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2013 Standard Civil Contract (Immigration)

Published 23 August 2017