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Civil news: high cost case payments on account for advocates

You can select payments on account rather than interim bills when making high cost case submissions in CCMS from 8 December 2016.


Advocates are now able to make ‘payment on account’ submissions for high cost case work within the Client and Cost Management System (CCMS).

The change was made on 8 December 2016 and follows feedback from advocates.

What do I need to do?

You have 2 options.

  1. submit your request in CCMS if you are satisfied receiving 75% of the payment on account
  2. email your request if you would like to receive 100% of the payment on account:

A quick guide is available on the CCMS website with more details of how to make either of these requests.

Benefits of CCMS submissions

  • payments on account will be automatically recouped on payment of the final bill
  • no adjustments will be needed if payments on account exceed the final bill amount
  • payment can be made more quickly

Email submissions

If you choose to request a payment on account of 100% this will take longer to process than a request for 75%.

Interim bills submitted from 2 January 2017 will be rejected.

Further information

CCMS: closing cases and submitting bills – to email 100% ‘payment on account’ requests

Published 8 December 2016