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Civil news: guidance on ‘urgent work’ calls to customer services

Our customer service team are experiencing a high volume of calls chasing work that is not urgent.


The majority of calls to our customer service team are chasing work prematurely as the work is within published targets and not considered to be urgent.

You should not call to chase work until it has been with us for a period greater than our published turnaround times. For information on current processing dates check our website at the link below.

Chasing work prematurely creates additional telephone calls and prevents calls chasing genuinely urgent work being answered quickly.

What is classed as ‘urgent’?

‘Urgent’ is defined as work which:

  • needs to be completed within 48 hours
  • is not already covered under the scope of the existing certificate (if a certificate exists)

If work becomes urgent you should consider using delegated functions to grant emergency funding.

Different criteria determining urgency apply to immigration work. You can find out more by reading the recent ‘urgent flag function’ news article – see link below.

If you are working on the Client and Cost Management System you should note that the urgent flag function explained in our recent article is now available see – link below.

This removes the need for you to contact our customer service team to let us know when an urgent item of work has been submitted.

Further information

Current processing dates

Urgent flag function

Published 15 December 2014