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Civil news: guidance for legal help escape cases

New handbook for legal help and controlled legal representation escape cases.


A new Escape Cases Electronic Handbook is available providing useful guidance for legal help and controlled legal representation matters escape cases in these categories:

  • civil
  • mental health
  • immigration and asylum matters.

As with the ‘Civil Finance Electronic Handbook’, which we made available in August 2013, this is the same information available to our caseworkers.

Although both documents are designed for caseworkers, they include caseworker queries and clarifications on specific issues that you may find useful.

Making this information available is something providers have been asking for.

Using our handbooks

Both handbooks should be used with the contract specification and other guidance, such as the costs assessment guidance.

The handbooks are available online and will be updated regularly to reflect current processes.

Updates will be recorded at the beginning of the handbooks and we will highlight major changes in Legal Aid Bulletin.

Further information

Electronic handbook - to download handbook

Funding and costs assessment – for guidance and to download:

  • Escape cases electronic handbook

Civil forms: controlled work claims

Contracts and tenders

Published 14 August 2014