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Civil news: faster answers to questions on means assessments

Spotlight on means assessments in the second of a series of articles highlighting quicker ways to give you answers and save time.


Nearly a quarter of all calls to our customer services helpline were about means assessments in January 2017.

Many of the questions asked could have been answered more quickly by referring to CCMS training website.

For example, a recent news article on the training website with the most common questions received about means assessments covers these topics:

  • requesting a review following reassessment
  • rejected applications or amendments because of means assessment discrepancies
  • entering wage slip information in CCMS
  • using the DWP checker

A link to the article is below.

Quick guides

The ‘quick guides’ have a wealth of information to help you. For example, these ones on the training website are of particular interest for issues highlighted above:

Provider Quick Guides: Managing Live Cases – see ‘Submit a Case Enquiry’

Provider Quick Guides: Making an Initial Assessment – see ‘Resubmit a rejected application’ and ‘Means assessment: Entering wage slips’

Further information

Common Queries – Means Assessment – news article

CCMS training website

Published 8 February 2017