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Civil news: deadlines for civil 2018 tender opportunities

21 May 2018 deadline for face to face work in three categories of law and 1 June 2018 for CLA discrimination work.


Deadlines are approaching to submit bids and take advantage of further tender opportunities in four different areas of work.

Here is a reminder of the tender deadlines and the categories of law:

5pm on 21 May 2018

This deadline is to submit bids for face to face 2018 civil contract work in family/housing and debt/immigration and asylum.

5pm on 1 June 2018

This deadline is to submit a bid to work for specialist legal advice in the discrimination category of the Civil Legal Advice (CLA) telephone helpline.

There is more information about these tenders in the recent news stories listed below and on our civil 2018 contracts tender page.

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Published 17 May 2018