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Civil news: court-assessed online claim change to speed payments

Court-assessed claims submitted in the Client and Cost Management System must include a breakdown of advocacy fees from 14 August 2017.


A breakdown of individual hearings for court-assessed claims under the Family Advocacy Scheme (FAS) will be required for submissions after 14 August 2014.

Any FAS advocacy, including ‘bolt-ons’, should be broken down individually and no longer submitted at summary level only. This will help to speed up payments.

How will the process work?

Guidance on how to enter a breakdown of individual hearings is provided on the Client and Cost Management System (CCMS) training website – see link below.

When creating the bill, on the ‘multiple fee scheme bills’ screen, you will need to click ‘yes’ to the top option, ‘would you like to bill for FAS?’.

Alternatively, CCMS’ bulk upload feature can be used to provide the breakdown where providers already use this function.

Claims submitted from 14 August 2017 onwards that do not have this breakdown will be rejected so that they can be amended and resubmitted.


Breaking down the fees in your online claim will:

  • allow CCMS to cross-check rates and dates claimed
  • reduce the need for us to ask you for further information
  • simplify the process by making paper-based and online-based claims the same

This only applies to claims assessed by the court and including any advocacy under the FAS. There are no changes to submissions under other online billing schemes.

Further information

CCMS training website – see ‘court assessed bill’ under ‘closing cases and submitting bills’

CIV Claim 1A – to download checklist with evidential requirements for court assessed claims

Published 14 June 2017