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Civil news: contacting the exceptional and complex cases team by e-mail

Changes are being made to the way the exceptional and complex cases team respond to e-mail enquiries.


Starting on 1 June 2019 e-mails sent directly to the exceptional and complex cases team should only cover enquiries that are:

  • received from an applicant or MP
  • requesting a one off case contract
  • about paper based exceptional case funding or CIS certificated work
  • about legal help applications
  • about clearly marked as a complaint
  • clearly marked with an LAA contingency reference number

E-mails sent to the ‘contactECCT’ mailbox on Client and Cost Management System (CCMS) matters from 1 June 2019 will not be actioned. This is to eradicate duplication of enquiries.

If your enquiry is about online working in CCMS, this should be uploaded via the case enquiry function.

Further information

CCMS training website - for CCMS support – for exceptional case funding enquiries listed above

Published 9 May 2019